17 May 2012

Abusive OG Wax from California Patient’s Association (Click to see more images).

Abusive OG Wax 002

1. Abusive OG Wax and it will abuse you alright. LOL. Dab with caution. But before you do that, click to see more of this stunning wax.

Abusive OG Wax 004

2. Wet, wild and super stoney. Abusive OG only takes a little to get your blood moving and the sweat to start on your forehead! Does that tell you anything about this wax?!?!

Abusive OG Wax 005

3. A real nice buttery color to tease you! Almost like butterscotch. Everything about this makes me want to reach through the image and take a dab!

Abusive OG Wax 008

4. I can hear the torch on and a nail being heated! They are not waiting for me…. WHAT! lol.

Abusive OG Wax 007

5. Dabber’s Up… and if you think you are ready for this one, better take a second look! This one may put you down quicker than you blink an eye. Image might be deceiving on the size of this dab!

Abusive OG Wax 009

6. One guess on where to get some of this Abusive OG Wax. Exactly, California Patient’s Association in Santa Ana. Not far from any freeway, this place is uber convenient.

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