6 Mar 2013

Always a goodie and one of my favorite… Cat Piss! Yes, Cat Piss!

Cat Piss 005

1. Bringing back some Cat Piss flowers for everyone to admire. The name might scare you off but the beauty will lure you in! Click to see more images.

Cat Piss 003

2. Cat Piss has an amazing appearance that is hard to resist. The light fully green flower that is covered in a thick layer of mouth watering trichomes! And the orange pistils only make it more dank looking.

Cat Piss 004

3. Always hard to say the name but find is super easy to pack a bowl & spark it up! The smell of Cat Piss is a sweet one with a kick! And super smooth too. Nothing more delicious, as weird as it may sound.

Cat Piss 009

4. Cat Piss won’t let you down once you take your first hit! Hold on. It’s one wild ride… and a super good one! First impressions will continue on to a great high.

Cat Piss 006

5. Mostly a heady high, that’s for sure! And one that will keep you alert. Sativa baby… Sativa dominant for sure! Perfect for the day time smoker.

Cat Piss 007

6. Nothing but good times when this is out and being passed around. Smiles on everyone’s face and motivated they will be. Get up and go do something… anything will be fun once this is in your system.

Cat Piss 002

7. Lovely. Just purely loveliness right here for your viewing pleasure! Hope you are enjoying the flower power in this feature! When Cat Piss is around you can be sure to find it at California Patient’s Association! Keep an eye out for this strain to pop on the menu! Til then, Cheers and One Love.

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