1 Apr 2013

Athena …and this sativa flower is looking bomb. Take a minute to see this…..


1. Athena! And this sativa flower is looking bomb. Take a minute with me and see what this bud is all about. Click to see more images.

2. Athena…. she is bomb and looking dank! Just look at her. Glowing light green buds that are nice size and covered in a good layer of trichomes. Trichome city if I might say!

3. And let’s not forget to mention the pretty pastel orange hairs that are weaving in and out, making it look just lovely! Are you drooling yet?

4. Nice smell and an even better flavor. This will have you whistling dixie as you feel the energy moving you to a new motivated high. Very functional.

5. Perfect for day time smoking to keep you moving and adding some creative vibes in the mind. This is for sure a fan favorite to those who have had it before.

6. Wake and bake or just enjoy with friends…. this will get the attention from everyone. Smiles and laughter will be in abundance.

7. She isn’t in town often but you will see this pop up on the menu at California Patient’s Association. And when you do, get over there. Check it out, take some home and have a nice smoke session. Cheers.

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  1. oompa4sale said on Apr 11, 2013

    wow thats really nice looking

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