13 Mar 2012

Blue OG Wax. A first for me. What about you? (Click to see more images).

Blue OG Wax 01

1. Blue OG Wax. This will be a first for me. What about you? Click to see more images of this and find out where you can grab yourself some.

Blue OG Wax 02

2. Almost like a dark dark honey color and in some nice sizable chunks. Dab it. Dunk it. Just get it on the hot nail and enjoy the Blue OG!

Blue OG Wax 03

3. Having a heavy pine scent with a kick at the end, this has me ready to get my dab on! Anxious to try this awesome strain I have heard so much about from fellow dabbers! Excitement building.

Blue OG Wax 04

4. Using the DOF to help show that this piece is actually larger than you think! It’s distance between the next piece is shown by the shadowing. And how the closest objects are in focus vs everything else. Check it out.

Blue OG Wax 06

5. Is it just me or does it look like the wax is reaching out with it’s mouth open? Or am I just really high? LMAO! Seriously… look at it!

Blue OG Wax 07

6. Dabber’s are up and ready! Everyone is ready to get in and dab it up! Hope this peaked your curiosity and going to try some yourself! Let me know.

Blue OG Wax 08

7. California Patient’s Association is carrying this top shelf concentrate as well as top shelf flowers and other medicine. If you haven’t been, you are truly missing out! Look them up and get over there!

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