5 May 2012

Blue OG Wax! Lip smacking good! (Click to see more images).

Blue OG Wax 001

1. Blue OG Wax from our friends over at California Patient’s Association. Grab a seat and enjoy this feature with me. Click to see more images and scroll away!

Blue OG Wax 002

2. Easy on the eyes for sure. And sending messages to my brain that get me all happy and excited. Dark golden rich brown and smelling spicy & fire. Look out. I think this one is going to be a good one!

Blue OG Wax 003

3. Soft and sticky. Not too well but just enough for that righteous consistency! Dabber is out and I don’t think I can wait!

Blue OG Wax 004

4. Heady and strong! The flavor is just the beginning of the fun! Dab and pass. You have to share. This is one you want everyone to experience! Smiles.

Blue OG Wax 005

5. What a mix ! If you are in the area, stop by and check some of this out! You might not keep this as a staple item but for sure grab some for those occasions! Crown pleaser.

Blue OG Wax 007

6. Blue OG making a name for itself for sure. Stop by California Patient’s Association for your medicinal needs. They will be sure you leave happy and satisfied! Enjoy!

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