26 Mar 2012

Burmese Kush – Sounds super dank! Check this out. (Click to see more images).

Burmese Kush 11

1. Burmese Kush …. Sounds super dank and is looking it too! Are you wondering where you can find this beauty? Click to see more images… and find out!

Burmese Kush 12

2. This flower has such rich colors in it. The dark green with brick orange hairs! WOW. It stands out with it’s appearance alone!

Burmese Kush 13

3. Big. Bold and super beautiful. These nugs are not the norm. Seriously. Not as dense as some or most.

Burmese Kush 02

4. Probably one of my favorite shots in this feature. The colors. You’re also able to see the bulbs at the end of some of the trichomes! Just so much details. You can admire for a while and not get bored.

Burmese Kush 03

5. In this image… some of the leaves are so dark they look almost silver or lavenderish! This is an amazing strain and this is the first time experiencing it!

Burmese Kush 04

6. Hope you enjoyed this post. If you see this strain, check it out. See what you think yourself and let me know. Always curious to hear what others think!

Burmese Kush 08

7. You guess it, you can find it at California Patient’s Association in Santa Ana, CA. Not surprised I bet! Super fire and always providing some top shelf strains! One love everyone.

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