8 May 2012

Caramel Gold Wax from California Patient’s Association – HURRY! (Click to see more images).

Caramel Gold Wax 001

1. Caramel Gold Wax from California Patient’s Association in Santa Ana, CA! For those who enjoy some good concentrates, then pay attention! Click to see more … you’ll be sorry if you don’t!

Caramel Gold Wax 004

2. Golden Yellow in color… And I mean Golden! From the get go, this wax will catch your eye! The name alone sold me – Caramel Gold Wax! YES!

Caramel Gold Wax 006

3. My eyes were sending happy signals to my brain and rest of my body from just a quick glance! The smell is what started the happy dance…. strong and pine like! Extremely fragrant. I know knew this was FIRE.

Caramel Gold Wax 007

4. In all shapes and sizes. And with this, it doesn’t really matter! I just want it. Dab it. Dunk it or take a glob… it’s all the same buzz!

Caramel Gold Wax 009

5. Take a seat and relax… this is going to take you to La La Land! And you will be smiling and happy. It’s almost like Disneyland, the happiest place on earth! LOL.

Caramel Gold Wax 011

6. If your dabber isn’t out and ready, something’s wrong! This makes me salivate to no end! Torch is on and nail is getting red hot! It’s that time…. hope you enjoyed this feature! Cheers.

Caramel Gold Wax 002

7. Don’t pass this place up without stopping by to check it out! You will be grinning from ear to ear from the selection and strains! Top shelf all the way! Enjoy and peace.

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