28 Apr 2012

Cherry OG – California Patient’s Association (Click to see more images).

Cherry OG 002

1. Cherry OG! Yes, Cherry! Click away and follow me on a quick peak of this lovely flower! Brought to you by California Patient’s Association! Click. Click. Click. The name alone has me interested.

Cherry OG 003

2. Looking SWEEEEEET! Covered in crystal like trichomes to give it that dank frosty look! And one crack of the lid on this container and the room is suddenly filled with pure delight! A stoney nose will immediately notice this in the air!

Cherry OG 005

3. Healthy lime green buds with some purple highlights and orange hairs! A looker and doozie for sure! This OG will have you feeling it’s effects in no time. At least for me, that is! Smooth as silk!

Cherry OG 006

4. The nugs are all nice size and sticky to the touch. One squeeze of the bud and your fingers will feel like theres glue on them. And a burst of awesomeness will come at you as well! WOW.

Cherry OG 007

5. Really? How can one not get excited when they see, smell and / or touch this strain? Cheery OG. Remember it! Go get youself some and you can thank me later! Hee hee!

Cherry OG 008

6. Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused on the feature when you are looking and smelling some of the most FIRE meds! I guess patience is a virtue!

Cherry OG 010

7. Don’t hesitate and wait another minute… get over to California Patient’s Association in Santa Ana, CA to check this strain out! You will probably leave with more than you planned for! A good thing.

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  1. DaNK42012_ said on Apr 28, 2012

    Cherry pie X Og kush?..looks fucking bomb I love strawberry or cherry strains that are actually fire .

  2. TravsGamer said on Apr 28, 2012

    Cherry Hash x OG?

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