19 Jan 2013

Dank flowers from California Patient’s Association in Santa Ana, CA.

Silver Surfer Flowers 001

1. Silver Surfer from California Patient’s Association in Orange County! Looking good and super dank! Check this strain out and click to see more images.

Silver Surfer Flowers 002

2. This batch of Silver Surfer is rockin! And when you see it on their menu, run over to their shop quick. In the meantime…..Look. Stare. Gawk! This flower is worthy of it all! And more!

Silver Surfer Flowers 005

3. Leaving your fingers shiny from all the trichomes, I am in heaven! For now at least. All the nugs have some density to them! But not hard and packed! Still on the fluffy side and looking super FINE!!!

Silver Surfer Flowers 007

4. Seriously this is some good bud! And Cannon is bringing it to you macro, up close and awesome! This sativa flower is sweet smelling and tasting with a heavy heady high to follow! This strain doesn’t mess around.

Silver Surfer Flowers 008

5. Does it get any more picture perfect? I don’t think so! Silver Surfer will have you up and moving around. Not keeping you idle for too long! And I like that.

Silver Surfer Flowers 009

6. Can’t resist any more… bowl is packed and gonna go enjoy some of this dank flower! Talking first hand, this by far is some of the best Sativa flowers out there! Check it out and see for yourself!

Silver Surfer Flowers 0010

7. California Patient’s Association is rocking this and more top shelf flowers for their patient’s! Lovin’ it and their current menu selection! Check this place out if you haven’t already! Peace.

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  1. MrPerfect said on Jan 19, 2013

    Looks gorgeous

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