6 Dec 2012

Dank Wax from California Patient’s Association… YUM!

OG Wax 001

1. Yep,OG Wax! And I picked this up from California Patient’s Association! Click to see more images! This wax is sooooo good!! Seriously.

OG Wax 002

2. A little wet in texture and only enough to make it sticky to either dab or dunk! Either one works for me! And dont let the size of these chunks fool you, they are bigger than they appear.

OG Wax 003

3. Crack the container and pour some out… you will then experience the awesome scent that comes rushing out! OG. You know they made this with good flowers! You know.

OG Wax 004

4. The flavor is super smooth and goes down as if you didn’t take a dab! Until you exhale and see the loads of smoke billowing out! Soon after your cough will come and eyes will twitch! Good stuff!

OG Wax 006

5. Super heady and will keep you nicely down on the couch, if you so choose! Heavy for sure and it doesn’t mess around! Get your piece ready and torches out!

OG Wax 007

6. Dabber’s up! And always when you have something of this caliber in front of you! Stoked and ready! Round 2 folks and welcoming it! Enjoy.

OG Wax 008

7. Keep your eye on their menu! When you see something you like, get over there! And be sure to add this one to your must have’s! California Patient’s Association – stop by for sure on 420! Specials no one should miss out on! Peace. And happy 420 everyone!

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