21 Apr 2012

Emerald OG – looking pretty amazing! (Click to see more images).

Emerald  OG Indica 01

1. Emerald OG, a bomb Indica! From California Patient’s Association! This is a jewel alright… click along with me to see more! We all will want more!

Emerald  OG Indica 03

2. There is nothing else more you would want or desire in a bud. Emerald OG is knocking people out with her looks as well as her buzz.

Emerald  OG Indica 04

3. Super dense. Sticky. Smelly. The ultimate relaxing medicine for those nights you just need something to knock the stress off and bring you way back low!

Emerald  OG Indica 05

4. Covered with trichomes and pure dankness. This image helps display some of the great characteristics of the Emerald OG.

Emerald  OG Indica 06

5. I’m digging this image. Digging it big. Trichomes galore and showing off its pastel like colors to lead you to a mellow flight.

Emerald  OG Indica 07

6. Hop in the ride and get your bootie to the best place in the OC. Always providing top shelf medicine in the most compassionate environment.

Emerald  OG Indica 08

7. Looking bomb. Feeling bomb. This Emerald is one to take note of for your next visit to CPA in Santa Ana. This is one that will keep you smiling. Enjoy! Peace.

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