2 Jan 2012

FEATURING: NUGGETRY Silver Surfer Wax. It’s a sweet ride! (Click to see more images)


1. NUGGETRY Silver Surfer Wax… Surf is up! And you may just want to head out now to CPA save some time! But if curiosity is getting the best of you, click to see more images!


2. Not sure if this even is still on the shelves but if so, you are stoked! Patient’s are going to dig this concentrate and will keep coming back for more! It is a sweet ride!


3. A golden honey color and wet in texture, this make dabbing fun! Strong, steady and body tingling are just a few reasons why this might be gone already!

4. Get your dabber our and your piece ready! There is no waiting or lagging… the sooner you can medicate, the sooner you can relate to these pics! Have fun……

5. Don’t just grab one when you stop, grab two… you will be thankful when you are dabbing the final bit of your first container!

6. California Patient’s Association in Santa Ana, CA is where you can find this super wax. A compassionate place to find all your medicinal needs!

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