28 Dec 2011

FEATURING: Private Dealer Stash! And wishing it was on the shelves… never know! (Click to see more images)


1. Click away… this is the only way you will get to see the beauty of this fine strain. Not on the shelves yet but you never know. Crossing my fingers as I am taking these pics!


2. Something about the dark background and frosty green nug sitting on it! Dramatic! And looking good! Fresh and ready to go. This was cared for right and the grower took his time! Patience.

3. Reminding me of why I used to smoke flowers…. this is some of the best I have seen lately. And if I had any guess, we will be seeing it in the glass case of a local spot soon!


4. Almost not knowing what to say… this is untouched and fresh from the grower! Glistening with frosty white trichomes which make this nug look almost ridiculous, I am ready to smoke my first bowl of flowers. It’s been a while!


5. If you didn’t believe me when I said it the first time, maybe this image will convince you! Do you like it when your medicine looks “iced”? I do…. I do!


6. It just keep getting better and better! Flavor is spicy like its high! Hard hitting and ever lasting. Made for those looking for quick relief and mind relaxation! Step up and take your hit……


7. A little birdie just told me you might be seeing some of this on a menu real soon. Stay tuned.. I will post in a “update” to follow. Flower lovers should be stoked! Cheers.

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  1. 52880 said on Jan 29, 2013


  2. howitisson said on Dec 30, 2012

    There it is. Thats is my favorite cut in Orange County. This is the private stash of a guy who grows a lot of local skywalker for various dispensaries and this is his elite cut; This cut is for close friends and big spenders only but I've had it a few times. I have heard this was the true skunk va cut crossed with and amazing rare cut of master kush but only the grower knows. It reminds me of orgnkids original xxx og cut (the real one).. I am totally surprised to see flowers of this quality on this website..

  3. Pico said on Apr 20, 2012

    Very sexy! Looks like the White, maybe a White x OG? A tad early for me.

  4. Aeschrr said on Jan 7, 2012

    this is the med that other meds wished they were * jaw drops*

  5. blowBHO said on Jan 6, 2012

    have some g13 right now that looks exactly like this bud. it danks and tastes of black licorice

  6. Tgod1991 said on Dec 30, 2011


  7. siense said on Dec 29, 2011

    Looks like a Jack strain..nice

  8. fuckbammerweed said on Dec 28, 2011

    that looks ridiculous. curdled my brain.

  9. Ldog said on Dec 28, 2011

    I can’t wait

  10. Yogi said on Dec 28, 2011

    Pic 3 and 4!

  11. Chubbs said on Dec 28, 2011

    Looks AMAZING!

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