6 Apr 2012

Fire Dream. Yes, FIRE Dream! (Click to see more images).

Fire Dream 02

1. Fire Dream! Yep…. and you can only imagine! Click to see more images of this. It has Fire in the name for a reason!

Fire Dream 03

2. Great size nugs and super colorful and strong in scent! Digging it! Super dense and sticky once you break into the bud! This looks like it’s going to make me a fan.

Fire Dream 04

3. This Sativa is going to rock you! Not going to couch lock you, that’s for sure! Nope. Fire Dream is going to keep the bunny energized! Not cracky style but will keep you alert. And happy! Happy is super good.

Fire Dream 05

4. A littler closer view of why you’re probably happy with this one! A ton of trichome reasons! Dank, right?

Fire Dream 07

5. Smooth and quick. This is one to pick up and enjoy! And maybe even grab some extra. Keeping some on hand myself, check it out and see what you think!

Fire Dream 08

6. Just looking as beautiful as ever… definitely leaving a lasting impression for sure! It’s a Fire Dream alright! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Fire Dream 11

7. California Patient’s Association off 17th Street in Santa Ana, CA. Check this place out if you need top shelf meds and a compassioniate atmosphere! One love… and Peace!

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