24 May 2012

Fire OG Wax .. and it’s FIRE. (Click to see more images).

Fire OG Wax 002

1. Fire OG Wax from California Patient’s Association. Are you interested? I think so… click to see more images. Always worth it.

Fire OG Wax 003

2. Known for always having the top shelf concentrates, this is just one example of why. Fire OG is looking sure FIRE, hence the name obviously. Duh!

Fire OG Wax 006

3. That sweet golden yellow buttery color is enough to make someone scream “heck yeah”. The Fire OG is a delicious sweetness with a spicy undertone to end it with a bang!

Fire OG Wax 007

4. One dab will do you! And if you are brave enough to go in for a second, hold on and grab some kleenex. This is going to make you’re eyes water and nose run! HIGH.

Fire OG Wax 009

5. Texture of the Fire OG is on the flaky side. Just look at the image.. you can see this batch came in dab size slivers. Nice to just dip and dab.

Fire OG Wax 011

6.Dabber’s up and going in for a fresh session with some curious cats. I’m sure they are digging it, off they go to grab some before it’s gone! I’d too.

Fire OG Wax 014

7. California Patient’s Association, always keeping it fresh and dank! Check them out. Always something new and exciting. Peace.

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