11 Apr 2012

Firewalker OG, an Indica from California Patient’s Association (Click to see more images).

FireWalker Flowers 01

1. Another fab strain from California Patient’s Association. Firewalker OG, a calming Indicia. And one you shouldn’t miss! Click to see more images.

FireWalker Flowers 02

2. Nice tight dense buds on this batch! All words that like describing some of my meds! Depending on which ones, lol. Nice green color with a good amount of trichomes! Off to a good start.

FireWalker Flowers 03

3. The more images I take, the more I am realizing how dank this flower really is. Good balance of everything bundled into one!

FireWalker Flowers 05

4. Smelling good and tasting even better, this has a spiciness with some hints of earthiness in there… if that makes sense?!?!

FireWalker Flowers 06

5. Best way to know is to try yourself… you will always be happy. And if not, they will make sure you are! Firewalker OG is an Indica i’ll have around for a bit. I’m a fan!

FireWalker Flowers 12

6. Make a list and get over to California Patient’s Association. Clean Safe Compassionate and Top Shelf Meds! What else does a patient want? Cheers and One Love!

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  1. DaNK42012_ said on Apr 12, 2012

    Bomb looks exactly like this kush i picked up tonight..but mine was called”brain og kush”

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