14 Jan 2013

Flashback Monday. Flowers from California Patient’s Association.

Louie OG Indica 01

1. Flashback Monday! And loving this flower. Louie OG from California Patient’s Association.. A great Indica that can be found on the menu and when you do, grab some! Click to see more.

Louie OG Indica 03

2. If you are looking for a nice flower that will ease and relieve any tension… this would be it. Louie OG! Keeping you chill and relaxed, this might even couch lock you depending how much you smoke & tolerance! .

Louie OG Indica 04

3. Buds are pretty good size. Big. Round. And with some girth to them! Always a nice and a plus when they are dense and sticky too.

Louie OG Indica 05

4. Perfect night time smoke. Probably not the best for your morning wake and bake or if you have to active. Will last for a few hours so don’t make too many plans. Just chill.

Louie OG Indica 06

5. Slides should be packed and lighters/herb iron out! Looking good with it’s amber like hue to it. Everyone is smiling and ready to go! Session is in session!

Louie OG Indica 07

6. Check out when it’s back on the menu California Patient’s Association. And I am sure you will leave with a smile and an extra hop in your step. It’s like a candy store but for patient’s. Variety and Quality! One Love.

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