16 Feb 2013

Flaskback at some Blackberry Kush! WOW…..

Blackberry Kush Indica 04

1. Blackberry Kush was in the house! But not any longer so take a quick peak with me! Come along and enjoy the scenery! Click to see more images.

Blackberry Kush Indica 02

2. I know what you were thinking as you scrolled down on this image….. WOW, this is out of focus! Until you scrolled a little further to see the nug at the bottom is crystal clear! Just showing you show the DOF will work to highlight different parts of the flower, depending on distance. And your settings!

Blackberry Kush Indica 03

3. And here it’s opposite of the image above. Cool, huh!?!?! I enjoying constantly learning new things! Knowledge is power!

Blackberry Kush Indica 01

4. Light green in color with a some dark purple accents to only make this more magically delicious. Looking super stoney and good! Plain and simple!

Blackberry Kush Indica 08

5. A nice indica that will help ease any pain or stress that you may be experiencing. And taking effect quickly and letting you know you just took a nice hit of some Blackberry Kush!

Blackberry Kush Indica 06

6. Stop by and check this place out, California Patient’s Association off 17th Street in Santa Ana, CA. Nothing but fire medicine on the shelves and total compassion to their patient’s. Cheers.

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