11 May 2012

Flower Power from a Private Source. And it’s looking good. (Click to see more images).

Private Flowers 001

1. More flower power from a private source! And like the title says, looking good for sure! Click to see more images of what we are talking about! Click away.

Private Flowers 002

2. Having a little fun and using the Campbell’s can for a prop adds some color and life to the image! The bud is nice but this changes up the scenery some!

Private Flowers 003

3. Looking pretty wicked with how the hairs are curling and how the leaves are shaped and have a pointy like shape!

Private Flowers 004

4. Almost picture perfect… nice size bud. Lime green in color. Covered in white furry trichomes to give it that dank look. Smelling strong and super spicy! Dense to the touch leaving your fingers sticky!

Private Flowers 006

5. Hitting decent marks on all categories, definitely smooth on the inhale leaving you with a few small coughs on the exhale! Only to let you know you are about to feel the wrath of these private flowers!

Private Flowers 007

6. A little closer view of the wicked bud picture above. As you can see now, this flower is super FIRE and has all the characteristics of a top shelf flower!

Private Flowers 010

7. Always enjoy seeing different flowers from different sources! Another nice batch from a private source who is mastering the process! Nice job! Til next time, cheers and see you soon!

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