18 Jan 2013

Flowers from a Private Party. And things are looking frosty! Brrrrrrrr.

Private Party OG 02

1. Flowers from a Private Party. And it’s looking like some nice OG . WOW, looking so frosty and dank… hard to not pack a bowl right away! Absolutely beautiful flowers! Click to see more images.

Private Party OG 03

2. Heavenly… Looking magically delicous! Just take a look at these frosty nugs that have been dropped off for us to enjoy and share! Private Party doing it right!

Private Party OG 04

3. Macro style. Colorful. Perfect orange hairs are few in numbers and seem to be in clusters throughout the bud! Looking delicate and light!

Private Party OG 06

4. The trichome coverage on these nugs are unbelievable! Everywhere and in full force! Not messing around! At all!!!!

Private Party OG 07

5. Smelling fresh. Smoking smooth. And overall marking high on all marks in my opinion…this would be one I’d go back for more of!!!

Private Party OG 11

6. The smell is of a true OG and the high is one to remember! Maybe I haven’t smoked in a bit but this is knocking my socks off! Sharing is caring and we thank the Private Party for stopping by!

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