1 Apr 2013

Happy Monday…. Can you Guess this Shatter ? Have fun.


1. Happy Monday and it’s time to Guess this Shatter. Let’s see who knows their meds. Have fun. Click to see more images.


2. As you can see, this mystery shatter has a darker brown sugar color to it with hint of a golden yellow! And to me, it’s looking delicious and dabbing ready!


3. This is an indica and a super strong one too! Having a earthy scent with some piney spice to it, you know it will be on to give you a nice head change.


4. Perfect for night or those days when you intent to just chill out and relax. For sure fast acting and upon exhale you will feel the meds rushing through your body, relieving any tension you may have.


5. One dab will do you but two will be even better….. just be ready and sitting! Might have a slight case of the munchies later but nothing too bad! I usually just take another dab and enjoy the ride.


6. Happy guessing and let’s see who is right. This might be a tough one. Good luck and have an awesome medicated Monday everyone! Cheers and one love.

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  1. DopeDope said on Apr 18, 2013


  2. MTBlazer said on Apr 2, 2013

    Krokodil Tears

  3. Chronicle said on Apr 1, 2013

    See now this is ridiculous, and one of the reasons I don't frequent the site often anymore… Guess this shatter? There is NO WAY to guess anything about that shatter. This creates an air of noobishness on a site that is full of knowledgeable folk Who posts this crap?

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