16 Mar 2012

Interested in some dank concentrate? Come find out what & where. (Click to see more images).

Diablo Wax 01

1. Are you living a waxie Life? Looking for more dank concentrates? Well, check this out. Click away. This will be your new best fried. Or maybe I will be. Ha ha ha.

Diablo Wax 03

2. I know you’re liking what you see so far! As you should. Diablo OG for ya. And being a fan of the flower, this was is right up there too!

Diablo Wax 02

3. Everything in this image I am liking. The color. Texture. Overall the look of the wax and maybe my anticipation of what it’s going to dab like!

Diablo Wax 04

4. Plenty to share and pass around… your friends will love you for this one! Sharing is caring and this is one way to show it!

Diablo Wax 05

5. Dabber’s up and ready? Enough to rock 2-3 peeps world, the Diablo OG will keep everyone in a nice couch lock state of mind.

Diablo Wax 06

6. Looking good, right? I think so… even with the couple pieces of bud in the pic too! Oppps, Sorry.

Diablo Wax 07

7. You can find the Diablo OG Wax at California Patient’s Association off the green mile in OC (Santa Ana, CA).

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