1 Mar 2013

It’s Friday and time for “Guess the Flower”. Have fun and thanks for stopping by.

1. It’s Friay and time for “Guess the Flower”. Have fun and thanks for always stopping by & checking out the latest feature. Click to see more image.

2. First glance I will show you what this beauty looks like nicely packed into a slide! And yes, it’s about to be smoked! Don’t be jealous, LOL.

3. This flower is a sativa! And a good one at that. It’s strong piney like smell with some citrus undertones will have you head over heels from the beginning.

4. Smooth and just as flavorful as the aroma. It’s hard to only take one hit as you just keep wanting that flavor hitting your taste buds.

5. The flowers are tight, dense hearty green buds with a significant amount of trichomes so it glistens in the light! Just a good looking flower on so many levels.

6. This strain will always start your day right or whenever you need a lift to keep you going. Be prepared though, this strain will knock you in the face.

7. So what is your guess? Do you think you know this strain? If so, you will be winning a NUGGETRY T-Short and current issue of the NUGGETRY Magazine. Good luck! Cheers.

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  1. dabasaurus said on Mar 1, 2013

    im guessing Trainwreck!!!!

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