12 Mar 2012

Jilly Bean – Second time around! And still looking good. (Click to see more images).

Jilly Bean Wax 01

1. Jilly Bean – Second time around! And still looking good. Maybe even better this time. Click to see more images and see for yourself.

Jilly Bean Wax 02

2. Looking like it’s going to be a nice dab, I don’t expect the Jilly Bean to fail me now! A nice indica to have on hand for any night time session! Will put you at ease after any kind of day!

Jilly Bean Wax 05

3. Stand up and stand back! The Jilly Bean is waxolicous and can’t believe I didn’t get any of this sooner! Rather than later (now). Staple item in the medicine box if you are an indica lover!

Jilly Bean Wax 07

4. It’s Jilly Bean folks! Has a sweet smell and flavor. Always giving you a nice high that will has a few hours and take you to a happy place! Happy!

Jilly Bean Wax 08

5. Taking on a few different shades of the golden brown, it has my attention and it’s screaming dab me!

Jilly Bean Wax 09

6. Jilly Bean at California Patient’s Association! They had it but can’t guarantee it’s still there! Check them out and if it’s not, I am sure there is another medicine to tickle your fancy!

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