3 Mar 2013

Larry Walker an Indica you won’t dare forget … DANK!

Larry Walker

1. Larry Walker, an Indica you won’t date forget. DANK is just one word to describe this super flower power. Click to see more images.

2. If the first image didn’t already convince you, the next couple will. Larry Walker has nothing but good stuff going on. Bright green with a coating of trichomes to give it a furry like appearance.

Larry Walker

3. This flower only gets better looking the closer into it you get. And you can only assume what the buzz is like. Honestly, take a minute to really check this out.

4. Not currently on the menu at California Patient’s Association but be sure to keep checking back. When you see it pop back up, get over there fast. Never lasts long since everyone enjoys this strain!

Larry Walker

5. Smooth and calming. Nothing but a chill state of mind once you get this running through your body! And if you’ve smoked this before, you get what I am saying! Just a lovely high and perfect for night time relaxing.

6. Stop by California Patient’s Association to see what other great strains they have on their menu at the moment! Dank and top shelf meds to make all their patient’s happy! Enjoy your night and cheers.

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  1. howitisson said on Mar 5, 2013

    There are pix of two different strains above…one looks like BB kush mids. The one that doesn't show purps looks like it could be ok. Theres no larry, skywalker or albert walker in either of them though so the name should be changed..

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