2 Mar 2013

Looking back at some dank flowers, do you remember this one?

Herojuana Flower 005

1. Looking back at some dank flowers… .do you remember this one? Well, you should. It’s Herojuana from C.P.A. Click to see more images.

Herojuana Flower 001

2. This strain is looking super fine and can stink up a room when you can get your hands on it. Always keep a look out for this to pop up on the menu! It’s FIRE.

Herojuana Flower 004

3. Nugs are super sized and glistening from all the trichome coverage! Like frosty the bud man all dressed in a nice pretty lime green outfit! Can you agree with me?

Herojuana Flower 003

4. Everything about these specific nug excites me! Not sure why but it does! Color, smell, taste and high are all over the top! WOW.

Herojuana Flower 007

5. And a closer look at why I am soooo into this strain right now! Take a minute and admire it for the dank flower that it is and the effects you will be feeling and praising it for!

Herojuana Flower 008

6. Good balance of everything with the Herojuana! Just the name alone tells me I am going to get really HIGH and ENJOY this! A lot!

Herojuana Flower 014

7. Trying to show and tell as much as possible of this Herojuana strain! It’s off the charts and a for sure thing in my book! More dank flowers like this over at California Patient’s Association, go check them out. One Love.

Herojuana Flower 0012

8. California Patient’s Association. Orange County! Top shelf meds for all your medicine needs and everyone leaves happy! HAPPY! If you aren’t stopping, you’re missing out!

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