13 May 2012

Master Kush. Enough said, right! (Click to see more images).

Master Kush 001

1. Master Kush from the OC hot spot, California Patient’s Association. Click to see more of this amazing looking strain. It’s looking better than ever. Seriously!!!

Master Kush 002

2. Master Kush Yo… making a statement yet again! Turning heads every where it goes! And flying off the shelves soon after it’s arrival. Doesn’t last long and you can see why!

Master Kush 004

3. Wicked looking and Stoney, that’s for sure! Don’t plan on doing much after you partake in a nice size bowl. This will have you locked in and comfy on the couch! It’s slow and easy though so just enjoy the ride.

Master Kush 005

4. You can tell from afar that this was a righteous batch of flowers. The scent can say so much without saying anything at all! Spicy. Pungent. Strong. Rocking the true Master Kush scent!

Master Kush 007

5. Loved by all and hated by none… this is a favorites for all across the board! Hitting the appetites of everyone. A good staple smoke to always have on hand.

Master Kush 008

6. Master Kush just looking good. Buds are good. And super sticky. Always keeping it true shape and look.

Master Kush 010

7. What’s not to like in this image? Everything is looking sooo good and right. Let your senses make the right decision and lead you in the right direction.

Master Kush P3 01

8. Don’t let this pass by without having tried some of this fire flower, Master Kush! Or at leaset checking it out. It’s a batch to remember and if you don’t get some, you’ll regret it! Get over there before it’s gone! LOL. Enjoy!

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