12 Apr 2012

More Firewalker Wax ~ California Patient’s Association (Click to see more images).

FireWalker Wax 01

1. This was so good the first feature that I decided to post more pics of this awesomeness! More Firewalker Wax. Click to see more!

FireWalker Wax 02

2. Still just as dank as ever… this feature just exploring more of the concentrate and the images themselves. Hope it’s as entertaining as the first round.

FireWalker Wax 03

3. Delicate and yet powerful to the lungs! Providing a nice healthy buzz. Your mouth will be savoring the flavor even after the exhale.

FireWalker Wax 04

4. The piece is just hanging out! For all to see and admire. 3 nice size pieces for us in this one! Dabbing all day!

FireWalker Wax 05

5. A little closer….. Mouth watering. You can see how nice and light the pieces are! Airy. Almost so airy that it’s hard to get the pieces to stick to the dabber… but somehow we always figure out a way! LOL.

FireWalker Wax 06

6. You know where – California Patient’s Association! And if this will be your first time, you’re in for a treat! Enjoy your visit. Peace.

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