21 Mar 2012

Not Your Grandma’s Cheez It Medicated Crackers (Click to see more images).

Medicated Cheeze It Crackers 01

1. Not Your Grandma’s Cheez It Medicated Crackers. Click to see more and see if you’re interested in trying some out! Click away….

Medicated Cheeze It Crackers 02

2. Looking and tasting just like the non medicated crackers, these could be scary! I know I could easily power through a bunch of these forgetting they are medicated! Ooops… before I know I’m loaded to no end!

Medicated Cheeze It Crackers 05

3. Perfect for when your wanting something savory and medicated! I love how people are getting creative on what and how they are making edibles!

Medicated Cheeze It Crackers 06

4. Not being about to taste the medicine… you can smell a hint of it when you have the bag open and inhaling! Other than that… tasting like a real Cheeze it! YUMMY.

Medicated Cheeze It Crackers 07

5. Check it out. Look at it. Smell it. Take a small nibble before downing a handfull… You will be convinced and be wanting more!

Medicated Cheeze It Crackers 09

6. Always keeping things stoney and providing their patient’s with meds that are top top notch! Check out CPA. And have fun shopping! Peace. And ONE LOVE.

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  1. said on Mar 21, 2012

    Amazing I wonder why SF wants to get rid of edibles

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