18 Apr 2012

OG Kief from California Patient’s Association (Click to see more images).

OG Kief 02

1. Recent requests have asked that I post some pics of this OG Keif. Ask and you shall receive, within reason! LOL. Click to see more images.

OG Kief 03

2. Kief always amazes me. It looks so light and fluffy! Harmless. Ha ha ha. OG Keif for everyone to check out. I, myself never really got into Kief but I know a lot of people who enjoy! And rave about it. Today I will be sampling some out. Yeah.

OG Kief 04

3. So preferably I think I will just sprinkle some on top to just enhance the flower I already have out! Let’s go from there. LOL.

OG Kief 05

4. I like the looks of it. And from what I hear, this OG Kief is pretty darn nice. Spark it up and let’s see what happens!

OG Kief 07

5. Flavor is good. And I can definitely feel the difference from when I smoke a bowl without the Kief. Enhances things for sure.

OG Kief 08

6. Really liking the looks of this and the feel. Hope everyone enjoyed the quick glimpse at some OG Kief.

OG Kief 06

7. Variety is key and so I am not surprised this too can be found at California Patient’s Association in the OC. These guys make sure there is something for every patient. Check them out. Peace.

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