31 May 2012

Private Flowers from a Private Source! Yum. (Click to see more images).

Private Flowers 12

1. Private. Private. Private. Flowers from a Private Source! And they are looking good so come along and check this out. Click to see more images.

Private Flowers 13

2. Lime green and super frosty! Looking good and peaking people’s curiosities, thats for sure. And not to mention some of the other stoney qualities! Keep scrolling!

Private Flowers 06

3. Trichome galor with fancy furry burnt orange hairs to make it look as good as it tastes. Rocking a sweet flavor with a hint of an spicy undertone at the end. Pretty yum!

Private Flowers 07

4. Love it when you can capture an image like this! The end of the trichomes create an illusion of mini lights or the bulbs at the end appear to be wet! Look and see. You’ll understand.

Private Flowers 08

5. Seriously, how rad does this flower look? So delicate but yet so powerful. Providing a nice smooth inhale so you can truly enjoy all its flavors! And will provide you with a nice steady high to keep you relaxed and calm!

Private Flowers 09

6. And yet another example how fire this flower is and wish it was out for the public! Don’t get me wrong, appreciate the private source sharing and allowing me to feature! Just saying. Lol.

Private Flowers 010

7. This was a personal stash from a Private Source who just wanted to share with me. And I am sure you will see more of where this came from soon! Looking dank and feeling dank! This is one to keep! Enjoy and Cheers.

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  1. barbara said on May 31, 2012

    Thanks! I was thinking the same thing when I saw this! Stay lifted.

  2. Mike-420 said on May 31, 2012


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