3 Aug 2012

Private Stash of some Hardcore Wax … WOW! (Click to see more images).

Hardcore Wax

1. Not always a fan of featuring private stashes of wax but couldn’t resist this time! Taking a peak at someone’s private dabbing stash and it’s looking super fine!

Hardcore Wax

2. Seriously?!?!?! No one could wait, especially when it’s offered! Who wouldn’t take this? Not anyone I know! Ha.

Hardcore Wax

3. Creamy. Buttery and a nice golden yellow color! And the smell is super good and yummy! Delicious. It’s like dangling candy in front of a kids… if you could see the drool coming from the on lookers!

Hardcore Wax

4. With the lighting it looks super wet but it’s really not! It’s just right and probably close to perfect. It has the texture of mashed potatoes… I know, weird analogy but the only way I can describe at the moment! Maybe I am hungry – Ha.

Hardcore Wax

5. Dabbing this is for those veterans who know how to handle the rush! Super potent and will leave you sweating while your eyes water! RUSH!

Hardcore Wax

6. A round of dabs and we all will be wishing for more! Teaser but appreciative! Excuse me for a moment will I partake in a quick session!

Hardcore Wax

7. Hope you enjoyed and not too jealous! I am sure this will be available soon… this is just what I could get for the feature! Peace and One Love.

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  1. cquirki said on Aug 3, 2012


  2. Justyn58 said on Aug 3, 2012

    so fire.

  3. Mike-420 said on Aug 3, 2012

    Tasty lookin stuff

  4. Chefp710 said on Aug 3, 2012

    Wow looks amazing!

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