2 Jun 2012

Purple Jack – Sativa and super rocking! (Click to see more images).

Purple Jack Sativa 7

1. Purple Jack, a Sativa and a super rockin’ one at that! Click to see more images of this nice flower.. and be ready to drool! Click and scroll.

Purple Jack Sativa 8

2. Almost speechless when I look at the images of Purple Jack. Looking super sweet and delicious! Hard not to get excited before smoking it!

Purple Jack Sativa 6

3. What a sight for sore eyes this is! Purple Jack, my new best friend! Ha. Looking nice with the lime and dark green accented with purple leaves! And I am only scratching the surface of this!

Purple Jack Sativa 4

4. Not to mention, the nice layer of trichomes sitting so lovely throughout the bud! And Orange furry hairs to take it to another level!

Purple Jack Sativa 5

5. If you could only touch and smell what I am at this moment! Purple Jack is spicy with a hint of a strong kick at the end. Definitely giving your nose a tingling sensation from the aroma!

Purple Jack Sativa 11

6. RAD! Just look and admirer. This sativa is a rating nicely on my list! Nice. Smooth. Flavorful and a nice steady moving buzz!

Purple Jack Sativa 15

7. Pack your slide/bowl and enjoy every bit of what you are about to experience! I think most will like it and won’t be able to get enough of it! Just saying!

Purple Jack Sativa 10

8. You like? Then better head on over to California Patient’s Association in Santa Ana, CA! They are rocking this strain and many others! Don’t miss out! Peace.

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  1. Mike-420 said on Jun 2, 2012

    Crazy good looking!

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