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8 Aug 2012

Saki Bomb Gum-ball Machine Vapor Dome @ High Priority Glass (Click to see more images).

Saki Bomb Gumball Machine Vapor Dome

1. Saki Bomb Gum-ball Machine Vapor Dome with Lid Dabber and Groung Joint! Pretty unique and pretty original! Worth checking out! Click to see more images!

Saki Bomb Gumball Machine Vapor Dome

Saki Bomb Gumball Machine Vapor Dome

2. First, I’m a huge fan of Saki’s so to me any of her pieces are super cool! And the fact that she’s blowing glass in a male dominant industry, that much cooler! You go girl! Hee hee.

Saki Bomb Gumball Machine Vapor Dome

3. Co op detailing with top feed design! Sick! And let’s not forget the clear vapor globe for easy monitoring of vapors! And pomegranate colorway!

Saki Bomb Gumball Machine Vapor Dome

4. Yes, this is a nesting lid/dabber! And I think such a cool idea and look! No need to go looking for a dabber to use, it’s right there! Soooo convenient! Smart thinking Saki!

Saki Bomb Gumball Machine Vapor Dome

5. And always a plus, the artist signed & numbered the bottom of this dome! For sure a must if you are in the market for a new killer dome! This one should be considered!

Saki Bomb Gumball Machine Vapor Dome

6. And a closer look at the dome! Has a ground 14mm joint! And sit’s approx 3″ tall! I’m digging it for sure so hope you enjoyed this as well!

Saki Bomb Gumball Machine Vapor Dome

7. If you went to her show at GooseFire Gallery you probably saw this piece and some of her other work! If you didn’t make it, go check out High Priority Glass in Long Beach. They have all her pieces there and surely worth the drive to see for yourself! Enjoy ! And nice work Saki!

5 Responses so far | Have Your Say!

  1. alpha said on Aug 8, 2012

    omg its perfect w the dabber built in-I wanna blow some smoke bubbles with that sweet piece making the smoke

  2. barbara said on Aug 8, 2012

    Glad everyone is liking Saki's piece… I'm a big fan! More of her stuff to be posted in the next couple of day!
    CHEERS :) Appreciate everyone taking the time to check out the post!!!

  3. Mattywanna said on Aug 8, 2012


  4. dabshard said on Aug 8, 2012

    its a dome and dabber no dish invovled, altho saki bomb does make a gumball machine concentrate dish thats for sale of high priority glass !

  5. Mike-420 said on Aug 8, 2012

    Thats a pretty crazy dish!!! :D

    Love it!

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