7 Apr 2012

Super Silver Haze Hash for Y’All…. (Click to see more images).

Super Silver Haze Hash 02

1. Super Silver Haze Hash in this feature. For those hash lovers, check this out! Click to see more. And more you will want.

Super Silver Haze Hash 04

2. Always interesting to me how everything looks so up close. A nice rich dark chocolate brown color. Chunky and some top shelf medicine!

Super Silver Haze Hash 05

3. Always a fan of Super Silver Haze flowers, I can only assume I will most likely enjoy this as well. Not too big on hash but this has peaked my curiosity!

Super Silver Haze Hash 06

4. So slide is packed and this has been added like the toppings on a sunday. Smooth and adding a nice kick to my already dank flowers, this is nice! Will get things moving… and keep moving.

Super Silver Haze Hash 08

5. More good stuff from our friends over at California Patient’s Association! Make some time over the holiday weekend to check them out! Enjoy!

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