1 Jun 2012

Tahoe OG, Indica! We all remember this strain – smiles! (Click to see more images).

Tahoe OG Indica Flower 04

1. We all remember Tahoe OG! And as always, it’s rocking the house with it’s stoney ways. Most don’t pass this up. And those who do, regret it! Click to see more images.

Tahoe OG Indica Flower 03

2. Nice evergreen nugs that are covered in a nice layer of white trichomes to give it a total frosty glow! And this glow is something else! Just look. And this image was taken at a distance.

Tahoe OG Indica Flower 06

3. Like the title says, everyone who tries this is smiling from ear to ear! Unique strain that is keeping patient’s super happy! And happy is hard to come by!

Tahoe OG Indica Flower 07

4. Sticky when you start breaking into the center of the bud. And leaves your fingers with a lingering smell that will probably give you away at your next stop! Not a bad thing, just saying.

Tahoe OG Indica Flower 08

5. A piney like smell will fill your nose with pleasure with a hint of fuel to finish it off at the very end. Once you smell this it will be hard for you to forget it! It’s distinct, for sure!

Tahoe OG Indica Flower 09

6. Letting you know by smell this is going to be a head changer for sure, wait til you experience the actual buzz itself! WOW. One you will remember and go back for time and time again! Til you run out.

Tahoe OG Indica Flower 10

7. Pack your slide and then be prepared to go back to pick up more! Once you get this in your lungs, you will keep thinking about it and wanting more! That good. There is no crash… only motivation!

Tahoe OG Indica Flower 11

8. California Patient’s Association off 17th Street and Grand Ave. in Santa Ana is the spot where you can find this top shelf strain! Don’t mess around, stop here first! You’ll be a happy camper! Cheers.

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