17 Feb 2013

Taking a look back at some dank flowers I was dreaming about! Yum.

Louie OG Indica 05

1. Taking a look back at some dank flowers I was dreaming about last night! Louie OG. Soo good and when it’s around, it can be found at California Patient’s Association… when we are all lucky enough! Click to see more images.

Louie OG Indica 03

2. Keeping you low and relaxed, this might even couch lock you! Louie OG is a nice indica that I think everyone enjoys, especially me!

Louie OG Indica 07

3. Big. Round. And with some girth to them! All the buds are usually nice size and appealing in every way! Can never go wrong with this strain! Especially if you like smoking indicas!!

Louie OG Indica 01

4. Perfect night time smoke. Probably not the best for your morning wake and bake or if you have to active. Will last for a few hours so don’t make too many plans. Just chill.

Louie OG Indica 06

5. Slides should be packed and lighters/herb iron out! Looking good with it’s amber like hue to it. Everyone is smiling and ready to go! Session is in session!

Louie OG Indica 04

6. Keep checking the menu at California Patient’s Association for this to pop back up on their menu. And then head over there quick… you will want to check this out and get low! Have a great Sunday Funday. One Love.

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