29 Mar 2012

True OG Wax – Part 1: Looking delicious as ever! (Click to see more images).

True OG Wax 11

1. True OG Wax for everyone to enjoy! And you better hurry! Click to see more images of this! And if you can believe it, this is only Part 1!

True OG Wax 01

2. Well, there’s enough here to keep a room full of dabber’s happy that’s for sure! I think there’s a lot of patient’s who would like to get their hands on this to try! And I don’t blame them!. Check this True OG out!

True OG Wax 03

3. It’s only going to last so long, so if you like it – HURRY! Anyhow, smelling so dank and having that wet sugar like texture.. you just know this is going to knock your socks off!

True OG Wax 04


True OG Wax 05

5. Dabber’s up! And you’ll probably want another.. and another! And another. It’s good and it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

True OG Wax 06

6. Enjoy it. See how you like it and I bet you’ll keep coming back! Smooth. Heavy and will give you a nice buzz to remember it by!

True OG Wax 09

7. California Patient’s Association has this on their shelf right now! And I can’t guarantee it will be there for long! Good stuff goes quick so don’t wait! Stay tuned for Part 2. It get’s better!

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  1. roadkill said on Mar 30, 2012

    why does it look wet? is it really fresh? sorry im a fla noob

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