1 Apr 2012

True OG Wax – Part 2: The Grand Finale! (Click to see more images).

True OG Wax 10

1. True OG – Part 2: The Grand Finale! You dont want to miss this part if you checked out Part 1! Click to see to see more! I know I want more!

True OG Wax 12

2. California Patient’s Association is where you can find this super dank wax at! Not surprising as they are always providing their patient’s with a variety and top shelf meds!

True OG Wax 13

3. Hard to be working with this concentrate and not want to dive into it every few minutes! Providing a nice smooth flavor and super heavy buzz, this is a favorite!

True OG Wax 07

4. More. More. More! With it’s sugar like texture that I love so much, I can’t put the dabber down! Dabber is always up! Funny but true!

True OG Wax 08

5. A buttery golden brown, this is looking sooo yummy! And dabalicious. It’s a concentrate you will want to get more of before it runs out. No joke.

True OG Wax 02

6. Get in the ride and check the place out! The True OG won’t last long! Mark my word! And you’ll be sorry you didn’t listen! Enjoy and Peace!

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