15 Jan 2013

WCC x TSE Bhombline Skywalker OG from California Patient’s Association.

WCC Bhombline Skywalker OG

1. WCC x TSE Bhombline Skywalker OG now at California Patient’s Association. And it’s another good one for those who enjoy a nice dab. Click to see more images. Enjoy.

WCC Bhombline Skywalker OG

2. WOW, WCC x TSE did it again, Bhombline Skywalker OG is super bright yellow and light golden caramel color and making everyone stare. It’s a knock out. And the smell is powerful and reeking of goodness.

WCC Bhombline Skywalker OG

3. Super happy I was able to snap a few images prior to being put on the shelves, this came in a nice square piece that was enough to keep one satisfied for quite some time.

WCC Bhombline Skywalker OG

4. Anyone who have already experienced this know what i’m talking about but those who haven’t need to. Just my opinion but later you’ll be bummed.

WCC Bhombline Skywalker OG

5. This strain is a smooth and flavorful dab. It will be sure to make your eyes water and put an immediate smile on your face. Nothing but happiness and good vibes with this one.

WCC Bhombline Skywalker OG

6. Great for anytime (depending on your tolerance or plans for the day) but I prefer in the evening when I need a little something to chill me out and bring me down! And I am enjoying it so far!

WCC Bhombline Skywalker OG

7. Hope you enjoyed another great strain from WCC x TSE, the Bhombline Skywalker OG. If you’re not going to try it, you just made a ton of other patient’s stoked. LOL. Good night and see you all tomorrow. Cheers.

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  1. TheBigDabowski said on Jan 16, 2013

    I hate to bash, but WCC rushes the purge it seems in most of what they put out. Specially for a huge premium like they charge it should be a perfect purge.

  2. Mike-420 said on Jan 16, 2013

    Nice chunk of plant matter and a nice eye lash or something in this one.. Also those 3 HUGE bubbles worry me…

  3. gotdabs said on Jan 15, 2013


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