13 May 2012

White Dream Wax ! And it’s dreamy alright. (Click to see more images).

White Dream Wax 001

1. White Dream Wax from California Patient’s Association in Santa Ana, CA. Don’t pass this feature up! Click to see more images of this super DANK concentrate. Enjoy!

White Dream Wax 002

2. This White Dream has a nice bright buttery yellow appearance with sweet scent to go along with it. Knocking you out before you even dab! Visually this stuff is rocking a 10 out of 10!

White Dream Wax 003

3. Seeing all this dank wax makes me want to grab more… just so I know I won’t run out of it anytime soon! Ha ha ha.

White Dream Wax 007

4. DOF (Depth of Field) really being used in this image. Obviously displaying what part is closer to the lens and which is the furthest.

White Dream Wax 006

5. Prepping for a mean dabbing session, this White Dream is going to put a smile on everyone’s face! Good wax like this is a rare sight these days!

White Dream Wax 016

6. The images may look the same but they are not! Look closely at both images (this one as well as the one before). Notice the difference?

White Dream Wax 015

7. White Dream. Remember the name and get on over to California Patient’s Association to grab some! My guess is this won’t last long. Enjoy it and have a great day! Peace.

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