22 May 2012

Zach Puchowitz Slop Cup. Not for drinking. (Click to see more images)

ZP Slop Cup 02

1. Slop Cup by Zach Puchowitz…. 2011! Super cool pick up I might say. Intrigued and / or curioius? If so, click to see more images.

ZP Slop Cup 01

2. Really sweeeet pick up at the Zach Puchowitz GooseFire Gallery Show that took place a few months ago. Zach putting out some sick work and awesome pieces that are amazing. This is just one of them.

ZP Slop Cup 03

3. Did you ever think you would be so happy to see a bunch of ants near your cup, would you? Certainly great art made functional.

ZP Slop Cup 04

4. Pretty rad that ZP put a little something on the straw to add some flare. If you’re not paying attention, you’d miss this on the piece.

ZP Slop Cup 06

5. And a close (real close) look at the carb on this slop cup! This is needed… in more ways than one!

ZP Slop Cup 07

6. More fun detail for you to admire and see! The cup is simple but not simple!

ZP Slop Cup 08

7. The Slop Cup 2011 by Zach Puchowitz and a part of The NUGGETRY Glass Collection. Always raising the bar. Im sure more glass from this collection will be featured in the near future.

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